American Values Stars and Ribbons Logo for Boy Scout Troop 141 in Tucson, AZ

Boy Scout Troop 141 is an active, adventurous scout troop dedicated to helping young men learn the skills to grow and mature into successful adults. The regular weekly meetings occur the 2nd through last Monday of the month from 6:30 pm - 8 pm at Tanque Verde Lutheran Church at 8625 E. Tanque Verde Rd in Tucson, Arizona. With a long tradition of youth leadership, outdoor adventure, community service, and a diverse collection of families of many faiths, Troop 141 epitomizes many of the American Values that make our nation great. The Troop calendar includes activities nearly every weekend of the year, with the expectation that scouts can choose which activities to attend, and knowing that no scout can attend all events. This leaves plenty of room for other school, athletic, or family commitments, while allowing scouts to have fun, and advance through the ranks at their own pace.

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Youth Leadership

The foundation of Troop 141 is its youth led program. Scouts learn best how to become our leaders of tomorrow when they learn how to lead every day, and when they see their peers developing leadership skills. While adult mentors are present to supervise and facilitate activities, it is the scouts of Troop 141 who choose the year's activities and lead troop meetings and activities. There is a healthy mix of older and younger scouts to nurture and teach one another. Within the Troop, scouts will find all the help they need to rise in scouting and learn the skills to become disciplined and effective leaders. Parents are encouraged to be active with the troop as merit badge counselors, adult leaders, and camp out chaperons. Facilitation of activities by adult leaders may include driving, scheduling, coordinating permits, and advising on feasibility of proposed activities. But the scouts organize themselves and conduct the activities with little adult intervention.

Outdoor Adventure

Many of Troop 141's activities take place outdoors, from local day hikes to week long summer camps, to wilderness backpacking trips. In any given month, there are 2 or 3 or sometimes more outdoor activities of some kind for scouts to learn outdoor skills. Recent outdoor troop outings include:

Fiesta Island aquatics Scout Camp in San Diego (right next to Sea World!)

- Camp Lawton Scout Camp on Mt. Lemmon near Tucson

- Gila Wilderness Camping and Backpacking trips (2 groups of different abilities and interests)

- Butterfly Trail day hike on Mt. Lemmon

- Happy Valley Campout in the Rincon Mountains East of Tucson

- Picacho Peak Campout

- Black Canyon Canoe Trip on the Colorado River just downstream from the Hoover Dam

- Klondike Derby in the snow in Greer, Arizona. The boys from Tucson placed 7th out of 40!

- Arivaipa Canyon Backpacking trip East of Dudleyville, Arizona. 3 days of river hiking in a riparian wilderness!


Troop 141 scouts during their 12 day trek at Philmont High Adventure Camp (2017)

Pictured: Crew 609-Echo

Troop 141 Scouts organize themselves to haul a boat on a trailer

Scouts organize themselves to haul a boat and trailer the last few yards to Apache Lake

Community Service

Serving the community is a key aspect of Troop 141's charter, and the re are multiple opportunities during the year to participate in community service projects. On Memorial Day and Veterans Day we honor those in our communities who served in the military, and we routinely help at Tanque Verde Lutheran Church and other community organizations who need large numbers of hands and strong backs. And scouts working on their Eagle projects often recruit many scouts to help see their contribution to the community to completion.

Scout placing American Flags on Veterans' tombstones

Phillip Spencer from Troop 141 places flags on a veteran's tombstone on Memorial Day.


Members of Troop 141 bring many religious traditions together into our scouting family. There are opportunities for scouts to participate in services and activities at our charter church, Tanque Verde Lutheran Church, and at the house of worship that fits their family's religious tradition. Additionally, scouts may serve in the office of Chaplain Aide in their faith community, playing a more active role their congregation in services, preparations, and activities.